The cost of clean

23 Apr 2003|Added Value

I’m a marketer – my job essentially is to attract people’s attention. I’m also a consumer and a really busy person who doesn’t appreciate being distracted by all the other people trying to attract my attention. I just found out that the Spam blocking software I was panning to download is no longer free, meaning I am being asked to pay to not get stuff I don’t want in the first place. I realize I pay for advertising I don’t necessarily want when I watch TV or buy a magazine, however at least it’s somewhat relevant.

Yes, I’m taking this opportunity to vent, but I’m also wondering when the tipping point will occur. I get about 200-300 spam emails each weekend now. Important emails from colleagues are getting lost or accidentally thrown out. Marketing has essentially evolved beyond an irritant, to a virtual threat to my job performance. As a marketer who uses the Internet as a vehicle, the way that I maneuver must be incredibly well-considered and careful, and respectful of my audience who are much like me. It doesn’t get any easier

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