Marketing too much?

30 Apr 2003|Added Value

I was in a heated theoretical debate yesterday about the acts of marketing and advertising. My adversary argued that marketing is essentially aggressive competition gone too far, and that the world would be better off if cooperation, rather than competition, was the rule, and advertising ceased to exist.

I appreciate debating an extreme view, and I like the idea of cooperation, however I can’t see the world abandoning marketing. Mainly because I think it’s built into our DNA. I don’t think we are born to fill the airwaves with bad beer commercials, but I think we all do marketing – it’s how species survive. Even animals work hard at promoting themselves to help grow their bloodline – have you ever watched the nature channel? Humans have without a doubt taken it to an extreme, but curbing our desire to want to make our product or service stand out in a crowd – not possible.

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