Just a Glimpse - are vignettes the next "little" thing?

15 May 2003|Added Value

Lately I’ve been noticing a phenomenon emerging (or at least it’s just come into my view) – the popularity of “vignettes” or small glimpses of daily reality. A professional colleague of mine adds a 2 or three sentence “moment” in the signature area of his email – his latest described his dogs playing. A recent New York Times article discusses the popularity of Dave Walker’s blog, which contains achingly simple entries like “The room was quiet so I tapped the arm of my chair. It wasn’t a particularly interesting noise, so I stopped after about 4 taps and sat in silence.” What I’ve personally found compelling in my own experience is the fact that my new digital camera will record a 12 second video with audio. I love capturing, watching, and sharing these seemingly unremarkable clips.

At this point, I’m not sure what this all means – one guess is that we long for the mundane as we confront the chaos of our busy lives. Or perhaps these simple vignettes give us the opportunity to imagine the story surrounding them, in contrast to the mind-numbing overload of information and details we are bombarded with regularly.

I’m sure there’s an opportunity here though, and a lesson that less is more and simpler might be better.

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