Getting Personal

30 May 2003|Added Value

I can’t seem to get over the delight of good customer service, nor the disappointment that it’s not more prevalant. It’s almost become a cliche in sales and marketing, yet there are so many sectors (like telco) that are still notorious for bad experience. Just this morning a colleague was lamenting his recent DSL woes, not dissimilar to mine 3 years ago. Yet on the other hand, I also just experienced great service when I went to to buy tires. Not only was their online buying experience easy and filled with information and choices, but someone actually called me the next day to discuss the delivery info that was already well communicated on their site – a real live person called me… to chat!

The fact is that there is a tremendous amount to gain by understanding the meaning of service. Not the automatic, generic follow-up, or the defacto long-stem rose that my car dealer repair shop gives every customer (what’s that all about anyway – don’t they realize I’d love them more if they just remembered me and my car, and maybe removed the dirty paper floor mat before they gave it back to me?).

Granted, real personal service equals human labor and that costs dollars. But one delightful interaction with a customer is worth more than 100 long-stem roses.

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