Dogpaddling in the blogosphere

02 Jul 2003|Added Value

I never realized in my zeal to jump into this blog thang (and take my company with me) how complex this world is. Initially it looked cool and refreshing, how hard could it be? I envisioned myself a champion swimmer (or at least someone with a competent backstroke), but from a technical standpoint, I’m feeling good if I don’t swallow too much water as I try to get across the pool.

But the positive aspects of blogging overwhelmingly outweigh the challenges. There are lifeguards like John Porcaro who pointed me to great technical resources. And who clearly seems to be a good mentor by the way (I suspect his team is lucky to have him lead). Then there are my own Cheskin blogging colleagues who sometimes reveal their human side more easily here than they do in the office (interesting phenomenon). I enjoy hearing how they think.

So I’ll keep paddling away because right now, I’m having a ball.

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