A remarkable brand

07 Jul 2003|Added Value

Last night I rented the 1967 James Bond movie, You Only Live Twice. Bond and his cohort spend a lot of time zipping around Tokyo in a nifty white Toyota convertible. They converse real-time with Tanaka via a tiny TV monitor in the dashboard with a rather prominent Sony logo. I kept thinking “what blatant product placement” even though I knew my reaction was colored by the state of today’s movie deals and I doubt such negotiations took place 36 years ago. I suspect the audience reaction back then was “what a cool brand.”

The scene struck me all the more this morning when I glanced over at a colleague’s Vaio and there was the same Sony logo in the same place under the screen. And I thought – what an enduring cool brand. Go figure.

Now when is Toyota going to come out with the retro-styled version of that convertible?

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