16 Jul 2003|Added Value

Storage keeps shrinking. According to John Gillmore (via Cory at Boing Boing) in 10 years, we’ll have drives the size of sugar-cubes with enough capacity to store all the movies, books, music, art and text ever created, that can be powered by a hard shake and are cheap enough to put in a Christmas Stocking.

I wouldn’t argue John prediction. So what will it all mean?

I looked at my CD rack, realized I had room for only 5 more CDS. After that I will either will accept that my room will eventually become a mess, or that I will have to completely redesign how I acquire, store, and play music. I can already store weeks worth of images on the tiny 128MB card in my camera. Some of my colleagues carry their flash storage on their keychains. I’m beginning to get more of my monthly bills online, and pay them online as well, so no more need for file cabinets at home.

Life is miniaturizing. Mobility will have a new meaning when you can fit your entire music collection, financial history, and photo collection in you pocket (or maybe wear as jewelry). As our stuff takes up considerably less space, what will that mean?

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