Honest Assessments

16 Aug 2003|Christoper Ireland

I have a decidedly jaded viewpoint on bios. Too many people use their bios or resumes as facades, depicting their experience and expertise as more extensive and grander than it is. Too make matters worse, many people strip all personality from these documents, turning them into completed forms with obligatory language. When I read “created, developed and launched a highly successful internet venture in less than 3 months,” I assume it means “I was caught up in the dotcom frenzy like everyone else.” When I read “single-handedly shifted management focus toward high potential niche market,” I’m pretty sure it means “worked as an intern collecting secondary data on gay consumers.”

Since I’m optimistic by nature, I don’t like this attitude toward bios. So I was delighted to find a bio that’s breaks the mold. Check out what Chuq Von Rospach has to say about himself. He has much to crow about and could have built himself up to be the inventor of everything digital. Instead he gives us a candid, unassuming portrait of a man who matters. He lets you know he has a point of view and a simple goal in life.

I wish all bios and resumes followed this format. True, it would make it difficult to hide unattractive traits or a lack of real experience. But that’s ok with me.

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