25 Sep 2003|Christoper Ireland

One of my favorite pastimes is cruising museums. I like any kind of museum, but am most attracted to great art museums, particularly modern art. I don’t consider this recreational or a hobby. For me, it’s as real as food and it’s what feeds my brain. When I’m working on a difficult problem, especially one with tough abstract values or conceptual complexity, I can usually count on a break thru if I can spend a few hours wandering around the MOMA, the Met or similar.

I recommend this to my clients, my colleagues and my friends. It’s startling to me how creative a brain becomes when it’s pulled away from numbers and text and immersed in a realm of dreams, colors, symbolism and abstraction. In some odd way, I think it must feel like baptism (I was too young to remember my own). You enter feeling weighed down, dull, lacking any beliefs or hope and you emerge with a new soul. There’s no trick to this–no 12 steps to art museum creativity or process for kick-starting your brain. Just pay the fee, walk around and relax.

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