Camera phones--digital imaging goes "spontaneous"

23 Oct 2003|Added Value

Was just checking out HP’s “You +hp” campaign. Very cool. (Yeah, it’s been out there a while, I know.)

We’re starting to see how camera phones have taken the whole idea of digital imaging into a very spontaneous space. The Polaroid of the digital era or some such thing. Even though the resolution is lower than dedicated cameras, it’s totally changing the way many people think of and share digital images. The idea of “I wish I had my camera for this–wait I do, I DO have a camera.”

Also seeing the beginnings of the idea that once you’ve “shared” the image (i.e., email it around) it then becomes “disposable”–at least among leading-edge, younger folks. So the challenge there for folks in the photo processing world (i.e., HP printers, Kodak, et al) is how does this fit into all of that? Very interesting for them.

Also check out this link:

Irish Operator launches MMS phone blogs. O2 Ireland is the first company in the world to deploy new software from NewBay that allows users to update Web logs from their mobile phones.

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