Pain of Progress

12 Feb 2004|Christoper Ireland

Hopefully, some of you have noticed that we’ve not blogged for a couple of months. We are neither dead, nor bored with blogging. To the contrary, we rapidly outgrew our previous blog infrastructure and needed to build a new one. To that end, we hired Stuart Henshall to architect our new blog and give us “room to move.”

We had no idea what a smart idea that was. It’s taken two months, and we’ve been aching to blog, so I was very impatient and grouchy. He moved us from Blogger to Moveable Type, taught us the importance of category tags, blog rolls, news readers and a host of other useful concepts and tools. He’s coached us how to use blogging as both an internal as well as an external tool. And he’s excited a whole new group of bloggers here at Cheskin.

I invite you to visit our blogs again–we promise to keep them very up to date and to continue exploring this fascinating space. It’s not our full time job, so I doubt that will win any Technorati popularity contests, but we have a pretty interesting seat at the table right now and we’re happy to share.

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