Inside Out

16 Feb 2004|Jennifer Grey

We recently shook things up at Cheskin. In keeping with our mantra of Fresh Perspectives, our CEO, Christopher Ireland, approached a few of us with novel ideas about our roles at Cheskin. Take, for example, redirecting the Marketing VP away from marketing and toward account management and knowledge management. On the flip side, consider the HR Director being asked to assume responsibility for marketing as well as human resources, under the umbrella of “Experience”.

I had the good fortune of being that HR Director and never once questioned Christopher’s vision. For me, it was a dream come true. A chance to put my beliefs into practice about the need for marketing and HR to be intertwined. In a nicely synchronistic moment, I came across Steve Yastrow’s book on Brand Harmony.

There it was, in black and white, exactly what we’re doing at Cheskin–ensuring a consistent and fresh experience of the Cheskin brand at each touch point, from clients to candidates to employees. As Yastrow puts it, “If your employees don’t understand and believe in your brand, there will not be a chance that your customers will be able to understand it.”

We agree. I’ve been at this combined role for about two months now. If first impressions are as strong as believed, we’re on to something…

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