12 Mar 2004|Jennifer Grey

Friday Beer Carts. So yesterday. Or are they? Oddball perks have come and gone at Cheskin, but Friday beercarts prevail. A few less carbs, but other than that, very little has changed.

I just spent a good chunk of time with colleages in our SF office — we lowered the Aeron chairs (a little more ‘lawn-chair’ like), and enjoyed good conversation fueled ever so slightly by a decent bottle of wine.

Topics after the requisite ‘what are you working on?’ included reality tv — Extreme Makeover, the Apprentice and Pimp My Ride; the new eGO Cycle 2; why Oakland is an untapped jewel of the Bay Area (that fueled a little debate); how Stephanie’s husband proposed and the themes emerging in their relationship; retro baby cribs; what the week felt like for our newest hire, Chip; and a comparison of Bay Area mayors.

It’s a great day. We worked hard this week. It felt good to take time, connect on a different level and ease our way out of the workweek and into the weekend. Not bad. Not bad at all.

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