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26 Apr 2004|Jennifer Grey

If you’ve been reading Cheskin blogs, you’re getting a sense of who we are and why we’re here. Every so often I’ll profile a job opening at Cheskin. We’re always on the prowl for good people, but sometimes an opportunity pops up that deserves more audience than a job board can reach.

If a job piques your interest, I’d love to hear from you. If somebody pops into your mind as you read, send them my blog or send them my way.

This week……..

Job Opening: Strategic Director, Consumer Goods Studio

What’s special about this job?

– Great clients. Church & Dwight, Johnson & Johnson, Coach, Unilever, Gap (to name just a few)

– Good focus. Youth, Branding, Positioning

– Stellar team. This particular studio includes marketing strategists with varied backgrounds — design research, qualitative and quantitative expertise, fashion, retail, youth and intercultural.

Who are we looking for?

A researcher with around 10 years’ experience with retail, fashion or hospitality clients. Passion for consumer behavior combined with entrepreneurial drive is what we need. This is a traveling job. About 25-40% of the time will be on the road doing interviews, groups and lots of ethnographic studies.

There’s room in New York, Redwood Shores or San Francisco. The choice is yours.

Want to hear more?

Send a resume to me at If you’re not in the job market but want to hear more, send me an email with a quick snapshot of your background. If it looks right and good, I’ll give you a call.

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