Work Here, #2

06 May 2004|Jennifer Grey

Wow – thanks for the response to my earlier blog. Brian McMahon, who’s become a close Cheskin friend over the past few years, referred Michelle Vasquez our way. Michelle starts June 1st. In the spirit of finding good people for great jobs, here’s a cool new job to consider.

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Job Opening: Strategic Director, ACME Pod

What’s a pod?

– Pods are Cheskin’s neighborhoods. There are five pods at Cheskin and each has a unique focus – core competency, industry, key accounts, approach (methodology, perspective or otherwise).

What’s the ACME Pod?

– One of the most entrepreneurial pods we have going. This pod hums. They focus on design-informed research for new product and concept development. Don’t worry about what ACME stands for — it’s an inside thing – some think it’s bread, some think it’s beer, others just wonder.

Who’s in the ACME Pod?

– It’s a diverse neighborhood – ethnographers, design researchers, musicians, sailors. Smart as whips and smoothly working together.

Who are we looking for?

Someone with at least 10 years’ expereince -a design research/consulting or ethno background is great. The capacity to comprehend interesting technologies, position them uniquely and create value for clients is essential. Sea legs don’t hurt either.

This position blends research, consulting and design skills. You’ll be pushed to live in the future, but will have a pragmatic approach to the value research lends to design. Focus group moderation isn’t beyond you. You know the value of understanding who buys what and why and you’re fascinated by how people use (or don’t use) technology.

There’s room in Redwood Shores or San Francisco. The choice is yours.

Want to hear more?
Send a resume to me at If you’re not in the job market but want to hear more, send me an email with a quick snapshot of your background. If it looks right and good, I’ll give you a call.

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