Salami Blogging

05 Nov 2004|Jennifer Grey

Back in the lazy days of summer, Jenny Daley blogged about her unfortunate experience of the Salami Give-away at a Giants baseball game.

Jenny LOVES salami. So, when she found out Columbus Salame Company was giving away salami, she swooned. I won’t repeat the blog, but things didn’t go as planned, and Jenny went from salami friend to salami foe in the blink of an eye, AND she blogged about it.

Ever since that blog, googling “Salami” gets you Jenny’s blog as the first hit. There, in black and white, an emotional lament about her experience of Columbus Salame.

It didn’t take long for Marc McCullagh of Columbus Salame to see the blog. Marc’s a nice guy. He tried to reach Jenny, but Jenny left Cheskin a couple of weeks ago. That didn’t deter him. He reached out to me and asked for Jenny’s contact information. We got to talking. Turns out there’s a whole series of legitimate reasons that the Columbus Salame Give-Away didn’t work well.

But none of that mattered – Marc just wanted to reach out to Jenny and make her swoon again — to turn around her experience and impressions of the comany he works for. He acknowledged her experience and was trying to re-engage Jenny with the product he takes pride in.

I don’t know if he’ll bring Jenny back into the fold. But he’s done a dang good job trying. I applaud his effort — when the brand experience fails at the macro level, taking it to the personal level is a good, very good touch.

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