The Perfect Fit

02 Dec 2004|Jennifer Grey

I remember sitting at Candlestick after the Loma Prieta earthquake. A guy walked by and I asked, ‘hey aren’t you the guy from the Mens’ Wearhouse?’, to which he replied, ‘I guarantee it.’

That was the retail chain’s tag line back then (maybe it still is). It was kind of funny and then I went back to wondering how much of the Bay Area was still standing.

Fast forward 20(?) years later and I take my nephew shopping for ‘interview’ clothes. Working with a budget, we head over to the Mens Wearhouse. I always thought the place cheesy and George’s reply at Candlestick kind of solidified it for me.

Whoa. They have a totally cool thing going. Okay, so he’s in the dressing room trying on a suit. By the time he’s got the suit jacket on, the counter is laid out with a selection of dress shirts and ties, all perfectly coordinated. Oh, and will you be needing a belt? There it was. Socks with those dress shoes? Done.

For a guy just getting started, they totally helped him. Being so reasonably priced my nephew bought much more than he planned to (bonus — got him thinking along the lines of ‘second interviews’)…


Okay, wait a minute. Why isn’t there some type of equivalent for women? Why must women shlep all over town to get something close to the perfect fit, and then wait days if not longer for alterations to be done–and that’s if the store even offers them. Instead, women are raised with this mindset of ‘finding’ the perfect fit. Men, on the other hand, can stand there perfectly content with their dimensions while somebody twirls a piece of chalk here and there on various seams and says ‘will you be waiting for this, sir?’

Somebody needs to pay attention. Reasonably priced clothes laid out with options, altered on the spot. Gap? Banana? Macy’s? Hullo………..

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