28 Dec 2004|Jennifer Grey

We have a new ceo at Cheskin. In some companies, this is referred to as a shifting of power, or the changing of the guard or some other militaristic term. I see it as a subtle change of influence. As Christopher Ireland moves into her new role leading research and development, Darrel Rhea is subtly shifting the voice and flavor of Cheskin.

At a recent meeting, Darrel laid out a new vision. Clear, not dazzling. Motivating. In the midst of some very pragmatic, bottom-line oriented goals was a subtle change that took me by surprise and had me listening a little more intently.


Darrel has wisely picked up that Cheskinites generally long for more than their jobs alone will provide. As a group, we’re looking to unite around something that is bigger than each of us. Darrel is putting together a nuanced version of the vision that Christopher originally laid out. It’s fun to be part of and help craft a new and meaningful experience for clients and Cheskinites alike.

Keep watch.

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