Where Does It End?

18 Mar 2005|Jennifer Grey

Congressional hearings over baseball and steroid use: it’s like watching gardeners mow weeds. It’ll look good for awhile, but we all know the weeds will be back.

Congress is saying, “this has got to stop. Young men are harming themselves because they want to be like you.” Well, when I see a congressional hearing to make actresses and super models fess up to bulimia and anorexia while serving as role models to girls who refuse to eat, throw up, and yes, die to look a certain way, I’ll trust that motivation.

C’mon people. Economics got us here. Marketing got us here. Communication got us here. Meaning got us here. Never once have I gone to a baseball game because Congress told me to. A congressman is not going to shape my thoughts and actions. Economics will. Marketing will. Communication will. Meaning will.

Unlike the gardener looking for a quick fix, why not encourage each other to reach for the right tools for the real problems?

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