Style and Performance

22 Apr 2005|Christoper Ireland

Usually you see the phrase “style and performance” in the description of a sports car. But I immediately think of the women at Cheskin. Why? Because the vast majority of females at Cheskin are both exceptionally skilled in business and comfortable expressing their interpretation of femininity.

I suppose this is expected by some, but I when I attended B-school in the early 80’s, I had to sit through a class titled “Dress for Success” that taught me to downplay feminine inclinations (and wear a small bow around my neck, kind of like a pampered cat). You won’t find any women wearing bowties or behaving like pampered cats at Cheskin. You also won’t find them pretending to be men.

What you will find…

• If you enter any of our offices wearing a great pair of stilettos, the only question you’ll hear is “where did you get those?” But the women wearing those lovely heels can also discuss the current challenges and opportunities of fashion retailers in the US, Mexico and China because they are helping leading fashion retailers innovate their designs, marketing and merchandising.

• If you’re in a meeting with Cheskin women, it might be preceded by a brief discussion of the pros and cons of the male contestants on American Idol or the latest warring couple on Amazing Race. But once the meeting begins, these same females will use their deep understanding of human nature to profile a client’s market in ways he or she has never considered.

• If you travel with Cheskin women, you’ll learn which hotels offer upgraded pillows, where the nearest workout facility is, and what museums are within walking distance. But most of them will also be able to speak at least 2 languages, will have racked up 100,000s of Frequent Flyer miles, and will be able to compare the consumer markets of Russia, China and India.

Does this mean the men of Cheskin are somehow deficient? Absolutely not. In fact, to them I give my highest compliment: The men at Cheskin are strong and confident enough to work with powerful women.

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