iPod Conspiracy

06 Jun 2005|Added Value

First off, I admit that I don’t own an iPod… yet. Nevertheless I have to blog about it. I’m continuously in awe of how a single product can inspire such cult-like passion. But I’m starting to suspect something…

I received an email the other week from a girlfriend. The subject line was “Oh my god.” The message said “I bought an iPod this weekend … this may change my entire life. I may never need a job, a man, or anything else other than my iPod ever again.” This from a successful woman who owns her own business.

Shortly after, I bought an iPod Photo for my boyfriend and had it loaded with his entire CD collection (thanks to Pacific Rip – awesome personalized service). C will now rarely leave the house without his iPod. He took me through the entire experience of opening up the iPod packaging because it was so beautifully designed. He can’t throw away the box. He’s practically framed the recent New Yorker cover of an older gentleman sitting on a park bench, the white edge of his iPod poking out of his jacket (admittedly C resembles this character more than the dancing silhouettes on billboards around town). And all this obsession from a guy who owns a top of the line tube amp and used to think nothing would ever be as good as vinyl.

But the clincher came when I picked C up at the airport after a recent international business trip. He travels frequently, normally has a lot to comment on and seems to always meet some fascinating person on the plane. When I asked about his flight, he answered, “I can’t remember. I was listening to my iPod the whole time.” Is Apple out to control the minds of our best and brightest or is the iPod just a well-designed product that is very good at creating relevant personal meaning?… You decide, but I’ll be ordering my iPod soon 😉

(I just discovered I’m not the only one with a conspiracy theory)

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