Thank You

13 Sep 2005|Christoper Ireland

Cheskin is fortunate enough to work with some of the finest people around. As evidence of this, I’d like to publically acknowledge the recent generousity of our friends at Sun, Mattson, Method and salt.

The outpouring of financial donations and other types of support to Hurricane Katrina victims has been heartwarming. But, even after donating money, I still wanted to do more. I thought maybe others did as well, so I reached out to see. I found Debbie Duncan at the Fremont Group and her husband, Barnett, who managed to get a van donated to take goods from SF to the Dallas relief agencies. I then started emailing and here’s what happened in less than a week….

Sun Labs–the brilliant scientists and designers at Sun packed 60 backpacks, suitcases and duffle bags full of clothing, shoes and toiletries–all meticulously labeled by size and gender.

Mattson–employees from the country’s largest (and coolest) developer of new products for the food and beverage industry purchased $1K worth of food and added a very hefty cash donation as well.

Method–the “People Against Dirty” donated over 30 cases of their incredible cleaners, soaps, detergents and more.

salt–the wonderful brand strategists at salt offered clothes, books and creative toys.

Cheskin employees chipped in as well, adding many more bags and boxes of food and allowing me to run around in a truck all day picking these donations up. To all of you, my deep felt thanks for your time and your help.

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