The Promise of America?

09 Dec 2005|Jennifer Grey

As detailed in the new book due out by Steve Diller, Darrel Rhea and Nathan Shedroff, the power of meaning is logical and provacative. I’m sometimes ambivalent about the shape it will take when companies tap into personal meaning of their customers, but I know it can’t be ignored. Witness this –

Yesterday my son got braces. Coming from a poor region of Russia about a year and a half ago, he’s been exposed to a huge amount of new: products, games, services. He’s taken it all in stride. That is, until the braces, when a compelling meaningful experience played out.

On the way to the orthodontist he commented, “nobody in Russia gets braces, they just live with whatever teeth they get”. He equates braces with a better ticket in life. It’s the one area where he’s been able to articulate a future. We drove home and he acted like he was driving, saying ‘think – in two years, I’ll be driving — with my straight teeth!”. To hear him confidently envision a future that he fits into illustrated beautifully the power of meaning in our lives.

Unlocking the meaning relative to product or service will yield amazing results. I’m convinced.

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