Experience design & other great excuses to see Les Savy Fav

26 Feb 2009|Leah Hunter

Les Savvy Fav.JPG

Why am I giddy this week? San Francisco’s Noise Pop music festival, a week-long all-over-town event that features offbeat, amazing, and newcomer bands.

Why am I impressed? The smart way corporate sponsors are getting in on the act. Hint: They’re not just slapping a logo on signage…

Based on what I’m seeing, Noise Pop sponsors get how important it is to add value–beyond just plastering their name on the festival guide. They’re designing unique, music-related experiences that aren’t available elsewhere.

A few examples:

– Red Bull and Fernet are throwing daily happy hours to showcase local and less-well-known bands that aren’t holding shows elsewhere. (Benders – 19th & South Van Ness. 5 – 8pm Thurs, Fri. 5-7pm Sat.)

– Diesel & Apple are transforming their retail spaces into DJ parties–featuring DJs from headlining bands, among others. The sexiest? Members of Les Savy Fav are spinning music at the Diesel store on Friday(!)

As an experience design cheerleader, I applaud this approach. As a Tim Harrington fan, I am hoping for a riot. Preferably in the skinny jeans.

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