Kindle 2

27 Feb 2009|Jennifer Grey

I feel no need to smell my books. A shelf loaded with books does not impress me. It makes me sneeze. I am notorious for finishing a book and leaving it behind. When reading paperbacks, I often tear off what I’ve read and toss it in the trash to lighten my load. When people absentmindedly rub pages together before they turn a book? Oh my God. I cannot stand that.

So I love my new Kindle 2. It’s clean. It’s simple. It delivers on its promise. My Kindle 2 is a humble piece of hardware that doesn’t pretend to be anything it’s not. But people are dissing it right and left. The emotion of reluctant adopters and geek critics is strong.

Yet TechCrunch reports Kindle is outpacing early IPod sales. This statistic is hopeful for reasons beyond a new product gaining market share. Could paper books be a thing of the past? This is an absurd consideration. But what would happen if we dropped our nostalgic identification in areas with larger payoffs? Gas pumps, light bulbs, televisions, highways. Imagine if for one minute we could let go of what we have and create what might take its place. If we could get out of our own way for a few decades and not turn innovators into giddy inventors or throw legal blocks at every turn, we just might come up with the new idea that will make a difference.

Ideas are germinating in a brave few. Kindle 2 is my quiet and kindred support for those who know there is a better way and who are willing to take a few knocks until they find it.

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