Late Night and Tech

03 Apr 2009|Caroline van der Pool

I’m excited about Jimmy Fallon’s new late night talk show…and no, I was not paid to write that. Why am I excited? Because he is trying to use social technologies and make his show more interactive with viewers. Nowadays all shows have a website where you can watch video, learn more about the characters and chat with other fans of the show. Fallon’s show is trying to take it a step further. His show not only has its own blog, it’s on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, Flickr and Digg, which are all managed by Fallon (and his staff). Fallon is talking tech and of course, jokes about tech. Fallon’s guests include popular Silicon Valley celebs like Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht of Diggnation. Fallon is also experimenting with technology. During one of his first shows he picked an audience member, Bryan Brinkman, for everybody to follow on Twitter.

Brinkman went from having 7 followers to over 20,000 in one day. Fallon is using tech, talking tech and figuring out how tech is going to work on his show. His ultimate goal is to create a more interactive place for his viewers. He knows the TV audience is increasingly turning to their PCs for entertainment and he wants to keep that audience interested in his TV show.

Fallon’s show is not only reaching out beyond its allotted time slot, it’s reaching out beyond the TV. It is trying to keep its audience entertained all day. I’m curious to see how successful Fallon will be in leveraging all these social networks and social technologies. I’m also curious to see if viewers will start to expect more interactions from their favorite TV shows. And last I’m curious to see how Fallon and other shows continue to leverage the internet and tech in order to create a richer experience for viewers.

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