Good Chemistry

25 Mar 2013|Cultural Insight Team

We have watched as Science has moved from being the domain of geeks with their graphic calculators to being a fascination for us all. With science programmes on prime time television and the Raspberry Pi encouraging children to learn to code and make their own inventions, people seem genuinely excited about Science again.

Topshop have even turned this interest into fashion, with a range of shirts declaring their obsession with all things technological.

Science Shirts (
Science Shirts (

It seems little surprise then, that in our survey of brands’ cultural vibrancy – Cultural Traction – tech brands rule the roost. Google, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft dominate, with the highest scores for being inspiring, exciting, visionary and bold. It seems that these brands are able to harness our interest in technology in a way that stirs us to dream, to create and to glimpse the future.

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