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Humanising Data

30 Nov 2017 | Added Value

Four examples of brands humanising data


25 Oct 2017 | Added Value

Here are some examples of brands’ latest attempts to connect with Millennials in an authentic way

Welcome to the Age of Multisensory Digital Experiences

26 Sep 2017 | Added Value

The age of multisensory digital experiences has arrived….

Five Ways to Win with Augmented Reality (AR)

25 Sep 2017 | Added Value

Find out how you can go beyond the novelty of AR to tap into its brand growth-driving potential.

Digital Brand Experience

25 Sep 2017 | Added Value

Find out how brands are leveraging technology to flex and evolve their brand experience

The Hottest New Collaborator: AI

29 Aug 2017 | Added Value

Designers, chefs and artists have been teaming up with AI services to create new and exciting pieces they couldn’t have made alone. Learn about four of the most interesting products born from this new form of collaboration.

Gender bias on Instagram

27 Mar 2017 | Added Value

We thought visual social media was fertile ground to analyse gender bias.

5 things marketers can learn from the Pokémon Go Craze

12 Aug 2016 | Added Value

5 marketing tips drawn from the global phenomenon.

Added Value Edits: The mobile future

08 Aug 2016 | Added Value

Over the past 5 years, our lives have been revolutionized by the impact of mobile technology.

Top Five Ways to Engage the Mobile Respondent

22 Feb 2016 | Zoe Dowling

Here’s five tips to help you think about getting the most out of your mobile respondent.

“Mobile is Everything”

22 Feb 2016 | Zoe Dowling

As a brand, connecting with consumers via their mobile devices is now essential and an integral part of its brand strategy.

Added Value Edits: The mobile experience

08 Feb 2016 | Added Value

Mobile is always a hot topic and some brands truly lead the charge.

Top 5: Luxury Brands Leading in Digital

20 Oct 2015 | parrj

Luxury is no longer just about tradition and heritage; it’s nimble, quick and paving the way for digital innovation and engagement.

From Saying to Doing

20 Apr 2015 | Nina Rahmatallah

Marketing is no longer a one-way street. Consumer participation drives engagement and relevance. So how do brands move from saying to playing a valued and impactful role in people’s lives…

Case Study: Harman

15 Apr 2015 | Added Value

Building Iconic Brands and Pressing Play. Discover how we changed the tune for American audio and infotainment company – Harman.

Q&A: The Power of YouTube

15 Apr 2015 | Added Value

As YouTube celebrates its 10th anniversary we take a deeper look into the brand and the impact they have on businesses.

Apple Watch: Personal, Intimate, Private and Light

30 Mar 2015 | Brian Kushnir

Beyond the simply personal, there is a growing desire for technology to be hyper personalized.

Apple Watch: Personal, Intimate, Private and Light

29 Mar 2015 | Brian Kushnir

Beyond the simply personal, there is a growing desire for technology to be hyper personalized.

Top 5 Lessons Brand Owners can Learn from Digital Communications Brands

29 Mar 2015 | Added Value

Pippa Dunn, CMO of pioneering telecommunications company EE, is In the Marketer’s Chair. What can brand owners learn from this culturally connected category?

Added Value Edits: Changing Marketing Landscape

27 Feb 2015 | jhall

Our industry landscape is changing – it’s a jungle out there.

5 Ways Social Media Listening can Benefit your Brand

24 Feb 2015 | Andrea Hackett

From a strategic marketing perspective, social media provides brands with a wealth of data that can inform their brand strategy.

Première Etude de Transition Digitale Présentée aux Microsoft Tech Days 2015

09 Feb 2015 | Added Value

Les Jobs et Compétences Marketing & Communication qui auront la Cote.

From Continuity to Disruption

26 Jan 2015 | jhall

New technologies have spawned new possibilities and as many new business models.

Remote Memory

03 Jul 2014 | Nina Rahmatallah

Were you once able to remember phone numbers, but now barely remember your own? Our memories have stopped taking responsibility, by handing it over to mobiles…

African Game Changers for Growth

26 Jun 2014 | Lynne Gordon

The mobile revolution is changing the landscape in Africa – but perhaps not in the ways you’d expect

Top 5 Ways to Win on Social Media

29 May 2014 | katie-webbe

Against the backdrop of the most connected World Cup yet, how can brands make sure they’re heard through the social media noise during the tournament and beyond?

Redefining Robots to Innovate Brand Experience

27 Apr 2014 | Caroline van der Pool

Imagine your products and even services as robots.

Take-aways from the CASRO Digital Research Conference

28 Mar 2014 | Scott Porter

Four top take-aways from the Digital Research Conference.

Digital Social and ROI: Making Content Matter

06 Nov 2013 | Mahta Emrani

We need to rethink the question of calculating ROI on digital…

Microsoft-Nokia Deal: Emerging Markets to the Rescue?

03 Oct 2013 | Sophia Ng

The market is buzzing about Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile phone business and how it will impact both brands.

Fair Exchange: South Africa’s Cellular Network Providers are Holding us to Ransom

02 Oct 2013 | Erna George

Why are they getting it wrong?

Innovation Inspiration: Terabytes Of Opportunities

11 Sep 2013 | jhall

Mobile and wearable technology, along with the Internet of Things have combined to accelerate the Quantified Self (QS) movement where we track and measure our every move. An explosion of consumer data: terabytes of opportunities to engage.

Can Gaming Save the World?

05 Sep 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

A new wave of ‘serious games’ are mobilising the collective intelligence and imagination of gamers for real-world benefits.

Too Much Information

14 Aug 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

What is there left to share on social media?

Have I Got News For You?

22 Jul 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

Predicting Culture

17 Jul 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

Stealth Wear

10 Jul 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

Reel Science

28 May 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

Story Selling

22 May 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

THE BATTLE OF THE BRANDS: Winners and Losers in the Culture Wars

20 Mar 2013 | Added Value

Added Value reveals the cultural vibrancy of 160 brands from across fifteen sectors in its third annual Cultural Traction™ 2013 report.

The Cat That Eats Diodes

27 Feb 2013 | Cultural Insight Team

4 Key Drivers Defining Mobility Trends

11 Dec 2012 | pompei de warrensc

What are the next steps in the evolution of human mobility?

Olympics Medley

27 Jul 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Real Life Marvel

24 Jul 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Retro Olympics

23 Jul 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Primitive Digital

11 Jul 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Branding For Good - Issue 32

03 Jul 2012 | Marina Cozzika

Eco innovations - June 2012

20 Jun 2012 | Added Value

In haircare no one can hear you scream

13 Jun 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

The Message in the Medium

11 Jun 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

The Wonder of Brains

06 Jun 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

A postcard from… Colombia

08 May 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

No Facebook. No Twitter. What’s the alternative?

02 May 2012 | Added Value

We talk to CIC, the first company specializing in social media research in China, to understand the impact of social media in China and how it differs from Western social media.

Future Books

11 Apr 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

It’s my data and I’ll visualise if I want to

09 Apr 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Can we be anymore social?

02 Apr 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Bring it on, Beaker

28 Mar 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Superhuman Olympics

26 Mar 2012 | Cultural Insight Team

Branding for Good NEWS - Issue 31

15 Mar 2012 | Added Value

Eco Innovations - March 2012

15 Mar 2012 | Added Value

Beware unexpected goodness

03 Jan 2012 | Lee Shupp

What Market Researchers Could Learn from Eavesdropping on R2D2

04 Nov 2011 | Added Value

How we can teach machines to solve useful problems.

Social is actually a big factor in Search

27 Apr 2011 | Leigh Marinner

Visual frameworks in social computing

14 Mar 2011 | Leigh Marinner

Your Brain is the Interface

07 Mar 2011 | Lee Shupp

Is Online Anonymity Shameful?

28 Feb 2011 | Leigh Marinner

Social Search Acumen

27 Feb 2011 | Leigh Marinner

Why Facebook is beating Google, Part 2

23 Feb 2011 | Leigh Marinner

Interesting mobile and search data tidbits

23 Feb 2011 | Leigh Marinner

Is Android winning?

23 Feb 2011 | Leigh Marinner

Why Facebook is beating Google

17 Feb 2011 | Leigh Marinner

The Future of Social Networking

08 Dec 2010 | Leigh Marinner

Kinect Is a Hit

30 Nov 2010 | Leigh Marinner

AmEx Links with Zynga

30 Nov 2010 | Leigh Marinner

Great Inventions Can Be Small

17 Nov 2010 | Leigh Marinner

Inventions have often come to seem like huge undertakings. This list just goes to show you can still break a particular problem down and invent a small piece that can have a huge impact.

App model for the web

10 Sep 2010 | Added Value

Want to make a payment? Wave your phone.

09 Sep 2010 | Added Value

Facebook credits as gifts

03 Sep 2010 | Added Value

Earlier this week Facebook announced that Facebook credit gift cards would be available at stores. Here is a link to the announcement on popular tech blog Read Write Web. Yes, you will be able to use real money to buy virtual money at a Target store near you. Obviously, this means that parents and friends can buy Facebook gift cards for their loved ones to splurge on virtual goods on Facebook. I am assuming that many people will give Facebook gift cards during the upcoming holiday season. If you would like your friends to water your virtual crops on Farmville or own a digital farm next to your farm, but if they don’t seem too willing to do it, all you have to do now is buy a Facebook credit gift card, and they will be obliged to help. As for my friends, I would like to state in clear words, “I’ll not water your crops even if you buy me a gift card.”

Think young

25 Aug 2010 | Added Value

Understand the mysteries of teens

19 Aug 2010 | Lee Shupp

Can't talk now... I'll text you.

18 Aug 2010 | Added Value

Africa is coming to computing

13 Aug 2010 | Lee Shupp

Is Facebook vulnerable?

27 Jul 2010 | Lee Shupp

There Is No Internet

09 Jul 2010 | cfinlay

Too often social media articles are tripe

29 Jun 2010 | Leigh Marinner

Is Facebook Evil?

18 May 2010 | Leigh Marinner

Trend: Mini-projectors and Mobile Devices

17 May 2010 | Added Value

Value of a “fan” on social networks

12 May 2010 | Leigh Marinner

All in one mobile devices – An addendum

30 Apr 2010 | Leigh Marinner

All-in-one mobile devices?

29 Apr 2010 | Leigh Marinner

Checking in at the North Pole

15 Apr 2010 | Lee Shupp

An insightful view on the iPad

05 Apr 2010 | Leigh Marinner

What rawked at SxSW

21 Mar 2010 | Lee Shupp

The Etymology of Online Social Media

14 Feb 2010 | Leigh Marinner

Virtual goods have arrived quickly

04 Jan 2010 | Leigh Marinner

Does current online ad pricing make sense?

22 Dec 2009 | Leigh Marinner

iWise for Great Quotes

26 Aug 2009 | Leigh Marinner

Words Move Me

25 Aug 2009 | Leigh Marinner

The Zoetrope Project

22 Aug 2009 | Leigh Marinner

Window to our future-S. Korea

09 Aug 2009 | Leigh Marinner

Isn’t it funny? The App Store wins.

09 Aug 2009 | Leigh Marinner

Small Price = Big Money

13 Jul 2009 | Leigh Marinner

data or design?

11 May 2009 | Lee Shupp

Social networking for the greater good

09 Mar 2009 | Leigh Marinner

What face do you show to the world? Is it yours?

04 Mar 2009 | Leah Hunter

With barter systems, social networking, and plain old-fashioned community back on the rise (look for Leigh Marriner’s excellent upcoming post on community), the ways in which people shake and blend are less distinct. I say, throw everything in. Put it in the kettle. See what mixes up.

PC-cell phone convergence

01 Mar 2009 | Leigh Marinner

Android on Netbooks!

21 Feb 2009 | Leigh Marinner

Back to basics

17 Feb 2009 | Lee Shupp

Hard times? Ramp up the reassurance.

17 Feb 2009 | Leah Hunter

MacWorld impressions

12 Jan 2009 | Lee Shupp

Non-predictions for 2009

07 Jan 2009 | Lee Shupp

Mobile Broadband

12 Aug 2008 | Leigh Marinner

Touch mainstreams

22 Feb 2008 | Lee Shupp

Changing Privacy Notions

12 Feb 2008 | Leigh Marinner

The real iPhone effect on consumer behavior

01 Feb 2008 | Leigh Marinner

iPhone, touch screens and the future of the PC

31 Jan 2008 | Leigh Marinner

The Big Rip Part 1

25 Aug 2007 | Lee Shupp

Low-cost PCs vs. Innovation?

06 Aug 2007 | Added Value

Kids say email is like soooo dead

21 Jul 2007 | Leigh Marinner

Are social networking sites only for teens?

15 Mar 2007 | Leigh Marinner

Lifestage Versus Generation

13 Mar 2007 | Leigh Marinner

Trendspotting in a more connected world

10 Feb 2007 | Added Value

Steve Jobs on DRM

07 Feb 2007 | Leigh Marinner

Innovation through simplicity

01 Nov 2006 | Added Value

Symbian forecasts the death of the PC

18 Oct 2006 | Leigh Marinner

Are U 4 RFID? or Is RFID 4 U?

19 Mar 2006 | Darrel Rhea

Herman Miller Resolve®: Working Ahead

26 Feb 2006 | Added Value

Convenience, anyone?

13 Feb 2006 | Cynthia Chan

In The Wake of CES

29 Jan 2006 | Darrel Rhea

07 Dec 2005 | Christoper Ireland

Lots of blogging on Google versus Microsoft

28 Sep 2005 | Leigh Marinner

My phone bills have gone up!

27 Sep 2005 | Leigh Marinner

Google wants to own online relationships

12 Sep 2005 | Leigh Marinner

The Bling of Blogging

07 Jul 2005 | Darrel Rhea

Heart Throb

23 Jun 2005 | Christoper Ireland

Thumb Drivers

16 Jun 2005 | Darrel Rhea

Everything Bad is Good for You

08 Jun 2005 | Lee Shupp

Culture of Tolerance

06 Jun 2005 | Added Value

Remote Possibilities

07 May 2005 | Darrel Rhea

Gotta Have My Blog

14 Jul 2004 | Christoper Ireland

Reasonable Privacy

08 Jun 2004 | Davis Masten

Flash Mobs Go Mainstream

31 Mar 2004 | Darrel Rhea

SNAM - Too much of a good thing?

16 Mar 2004 | Added Value


26 Feb 2004 | Christoper Ireland

Back from Bass Lake

10 Aug 2003 | Christoper Ireland

Barbie's Blog

23 Jul 2003 | Christoper Ireland

The Go Game

28 May 2003 | Christoper Ireland

0-60 in about 3 sec

20 May 2003 | Christoper Ireland

Alive and kicking

07 May 2003 | Christoper Ireland


09 Apr 2003 | Christoper Ireland