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Consumers on Instagram: Through their looking glass

27 Jan 2017 | Added Value

A tangible picture of your brand’s earned equity and the world around it.

Podcast: Sensory marketing

03 Feb 2017 | Added Value

Marguerite de Villiers discusses multi-sensory marketing.

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Cultural value – mastering the new marketing currency

03 Aug 2017 | Added Value

Don’t just sell to your audience, connect with them – by creating cultural value.

Which Archetype will win the Game of Thrones?

26 Jul 2017 | Added Value

You think you know all the characters? Well, like Ygritte once said, you know nothing Jon Snow!

Top 4 ways to win with archetypes on Instagram

26 Jul 2017 | Added Value

Some brands are totally building an authentic visual style.

Climate ChangeD.

17 Jul 2017 | Added Value

Today we can no longer restrict our focus to just stopping climate change. The question ‘what happens if?’ is now necessarily coupled with ‘what happens when?’

Top 4 ways brands can win when taking a political stance on an issue

03 Jul 2017 | Added Value

Here are four tips for brands looking to adopt a political stance on an issue.

Make a stand

03 Jul 2017 | Added Value

In a world of increasingly divisive and polarised political views, we are looking to brands to be provocative and speak their minds.